Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guessing Game.

Now this is getting more interesting
They wanna know who am I thinking
Who came in my daydreams
Who made my pants creamed.

This whole thing is so mysterious
Everyone is getting more curious
They think I'm being too ambitious
But I know my love is not superstitious.

I wish I know what to say to you
Now my saliva tasted like glue
My head is going madly nuts
Lord, grant me the mighty guts!

Well, one thing can lead to another
Every steps could bring me closer
Though the feeling keeps growing
(Sigh) You still didn't see it coming.

If I don't try and make you mine
I know I'm gonna lose my mind
Everything will not be fine
Coz you are of the rarest kind.

It's true.


Lately I'm in the mood of writing. In the mood of rhyming.

Dem yuh!

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