Monday, August 3, 2009

I stop, but I don't quit...


Ha ha ha.

It's been almost a week. Wait, let me recall.... Yep I stopped last Wednesday.

Fuck what a boring topic!

Actually it was rather unplanned. I went out with my sister that afternoon, went here and there accompanying her, and went for a date later on. And I FORGOT to smoke throughout. Can you fucking believe it? I FORGOT. How the hell a smoker forgets to smoke?? I mean, it's already in their blood, right?

I guess it's not in my blood, yet. You tell me. I don't know, I started smoking wayyyyy back, since I was in Standard 6, in primary school. Yep, I kid you not. I'm talking about the REAL smoking thing; you puff, you inhale, those things. Not the puff-puff like whores or wannabes you see trying to look cool.

Well, can't blame me. I lived in a ghetto area in Kepong when I was a kid. Kids there, they don't really mix up with the outside world (that time) and there were not many things to do except playing soccer, BMX, rempit, video arcade games (the illegal, black-tint glass joints) and smoke while they're on these activities. Owh, and gang-fighting every now and then. That area, is a balanced mix of Malays, Chinese and Indians. So they thought, "Ahh, this place is a true definition of Malaysia mix races and cultures." Well yeah true also, but not really for the kids. Or the adolescents. We fought on a regular basis. He he he. It's normal, that's how boys learn.

Then about a year after I started smoking, I stopped. Reason being, I went to a boarding school. A fucking strict one. Like a military school. Stopped for about couple of years, until I got my PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah) result in Form 3. Eight straight fucking-A's. Woohoo! Let's smoke again!

It's a reverse thing, I guess. Usually people start something bad (mind you readers, BAD doesn't mean it's literally BAD here, it's only a social perception or bigot. ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHETHER IT'S GOOD OR BAD YOURSELF) because they are depressed or something, not otherwise. But me, I do it because I want to. That's how I reward myself. By doing something contradicting.

So I continued smoking again for years, and in between sometimes I stopped for a while, from a few days over the weekends to a few months the longest. No particular reason. Normal stuff.

I consider myself as a social smoker, honestly. I don't know why. I think because I can smoke as much as two bloody King Size boxes a day or I can just smoke one stick the next day. Like I said, it must not be in my blood yet.

I never experienced any withdrawal stage/syndrome whenever I don't smoke or I stopped. Not once. So whenever people tell me about the syndrome such as discomfort, distress, intense craving, fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression, I told them I never had those issues. Maybe because I ONLY STOPPED, NOT QUIT. Maybe. Because I know, I can start again whenever I want, without feeling guilty. He he he. Nice move.

Anyway, back to my story again. Yes I stopped smoking. Been six days already. I hope I'll stop smoking forever, and I will never use the term QUIT. Not because I have responsibility issue or commitment issue, but it's just because to me it's not a bad thing or wrong to start again if I want to.

There's no RIGHT or WRONG, or GOOD or BAD;

Don't get me wrong, if any of you would wanna stop or quit smoking, by all means, please. If it's something that will improve your life in any possible way, you should do it.

But, if you think smoking will get you new businesses, better lifestyle, hot chicks, then why not, right? Ha ha ha...

It's a personal preference, really. Would you say vegetarians are stupid? Why would someone gave up on meat? It's the best thing you can eat! It's a personal preference. Maybe they believe in something, they have experienced something, or maybe they just wanna get laid with a vegetarian supermodel therefore they become a vegetarian themselves. You do something because you have to do it, or you wanna do it. It's your choice.

Putting on the different pictures of cancers or gangrene or anything WILL NOT reduce smokers or the sales. Unless the tobacco companies or the Government keeps track on the statistic BEFORE and AFTER the implementation of the newly-designed boxes.

Yeay now we do have an OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR for cigarette companies! Salut!

If you ask me, I would not be affected by the pictures. In fact, I'll always choose the 'gangrene leg' picture. Why? Because if you see the 'leg' that bad probably because he/she smokes alone. Stingy bastard. So what do you do? You share. Imagine if you share your cigarettes with your friends, say, five friends. Chances you'll get infected with gangrene the whole leg will be narrowed down to one finger or two the most. Ha ha ha.

True story; I stopped at this one Petronas petrol station last Saturday to buy a top-up card for my phone line. I queued behind a guy. He was paying for the petrol, Touch'N'Go card and asked for a pack of cigarette.

"Boleh kasi itu Marlboro Lights besar?"

Then the cashier took one pack.

"Bukan itu kotak. Lain punya kotak."

"You mau soft pack ka?"

"Bukan, I takmau itu gambar. Kasi gambar kaki punya."

Can you believe it?!!

The previous pack that the cashier took was a picture of a baby/fetus. Gosh now it's better, they can choose the design. And the advertising companies can now design more 'acceptable' pictures. You see?

Join the Cigarette Box Sick Design Competition. Ask for the details from!

Dem yuh!

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