Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Suit me.

I have a weird passion. Fashion. I don't know how or where it came from. I just love it. Simple as that.

Most of you would probably noticed that I tend to go for sneakers more than other types of apparel. Well, you can say that. Maybe it's easier to put on a pair of shoes and let other parts follow. And I used to buy A LOT of tees too but tees are hard to maintain. After a number of washes it'll fade or loses its texture strength and many other things. Especially the white ones. Damn it's hard to keep. So I realized I can't be buying $300 tee and lasts about a year, it's not really worth it. And I bought those tees around that price, not one or two, but A LOT.

So I turned to jeans, and sneakers. Though they are usually more expensive, they're easier to maintain, lasts longer and looks better in time. The fades, the worn-out look, the feel. Nice. I can't say I'm a collector, but I do have few decent pairs. Definitely will add more to the inventory.

The only thing I am lacked of now is, SUITS.

I do have a pair of suits which I have them tailored about five years ago. I kid you not. I still can wear it. And who said I've gained weight?! Jealous fuckers.

It was my Nehru Suit. I like the style, something a 21-year-old kid would not wear, but I did. It's all about experiencing new things, right?

That's about it. No more suits. I reckoned there's no reason to buy myself another suit. I would just rent it if I go for a formal function. Plus how many times I would go for a dinner function in a year anyway?

But recently I have this one funny feeling about getting myself a pair. Or more. The idea of wearing nice-looking, clean-cut, elegant pieces of apparels is kind of growing in me. I've been following The Sartorialist blog for years, and every day I have a better understanding and I thought it's something people in Malaysia, well Kuala Lumpur respectively would not really wear.

So I will buy/tailor myself a pair of suits, but there's a few things I need to know about getting a suit. For example:

- What style would I go for?

- What colour should I choose?

- Which fabric is best?

- Which brand do I need?

- What size am I?

- What can I wear it with?

- What must I wear it with?

So I decided to do some research and learn about this new section of fashion in my life. It's hard for me to explain as I'm new to this, so you guys can go check it out at The Guide To Men's Suits. It has good information on how to dress up in suits. Again, this website is only for your reference. You can always find more information and knowledge from somewhere else, and try to get the best result for you.

I'm still looking for my own style. Any idea?

By the way
, I love the one which Adrien Brody was wearing in The Darjeeling Limited. The grey suit. Fucking awesome. Should watch the film if you want to know why.

If I'm not mistaken, the wardrobe was done by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

I'm so into grey now.

Nice. Really.

The bags are even nicer. Like, OMG OMG OMG OMG.

A teaser so that you'll watch the film. My Natalie Portman the bombshell! Nude!

Dem yuh!

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