Monday, August 17, 2009

Days Without Your Waves.

It has been many days
Days without your waves
Food lost its delicate taste
It's worse than living in a cold cave

Never thought my ship would be this wrecked
How did I possibly lost my track?
Maybe it was your drop dead curve
On the sea of your pretentious love

I don't care if it was all faked
We both know the love was half baked
I don't know who's at loss
It's like taking a coin and just toss

So off you go with your life
I hope it will not be filled with jive
Me? Are you really asking me?
I'm having a picnic under the coconut tree.

It's true.


I love beaches. I'm not sure about bitches though. Anyway bitches are not a topic I wanna talk about, yet.


If you love beach like I do, you must love the waves too. The sound, sometimes the roughness, sometimes the gentleness, the smell of the sea water when the waves hit the shore. But the best thing I found about waves are the calmness of it. I don't know, waves are something I can look at without getting bored. And when I go inside the water, sometimes it's pretty scary and dangerous. That' what I like about it.

Why do we love beaches if not the waves? Sun-bathe? Go to Africa yo! Sand? Go to Egypt! Water? Gosh, go home and shower!

It's the waves.

So what happens when there's no waves anymore?

Dem yuh!


Anonymous said...

Oh well,

Pick yourself up

Dust yourself off

Walk yourself out of the door.

When one door closes, another one will inevitably open. Just pick which one. Or make one. DOn't barricade yourself in.

Life's too short for us to dwell in solitude.



Budak Nakal said...

Beauty of the day, I'm fragile like a pot of clay, please show me the way, what do you say?

One door closes, another door opens, with bed of roses, but no one's on it.

Yes life's too short for us to dwell in solitude, but I'm just a weak human to understand the magnitude, maybe I'm full of bad attitudes, I'm lost somewhere in the altitude.

Belle de jour I know I can walk out of the door, But I still can't find the cure to my pain and sorrow, maybe not today maybe tomorrow, anyway I'm still hollow.


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