Friday, August 14, 2009

This is a boring entry.

I'm off to Johor Bharu in couple of hours. Fuck I can't stand going up and down the road every other day. Things are still not resolved there, so I have no choice but to go there to 'sweep' every problems off my boss's shoulder. I call myself a SWEEPER. I sweep problems. Not a fun job. You have to be able to be in the middle of a fucking chaos and take everything with a smile and most importantly, "I don't wanna hear any problem, get it done." Sounds like a mercenary. No, I'm a sweeper.

And I don't know why, I told you guys I got tired of writing, poems particularly.

A person once said I should stop writing altogether if I just wanna write things that hurt other people's feeling, or make other people feel bad or sad. She said I'm too smart to be doing/writing silly things. Well, I don't know. I can't expect you to think/act like me, obviously because my life ain't like yours.

A dear friend told me that I should please myself first than other people. She assumed that I write because I wanna please/impress people. No. I write because it makes me believe that I have feelings. I'm the sensitive guy, remember?

Most guys, they are too egoistic to admit that they themselves have some soft spots, deep down their hearts. So they keep on rambling and babbling about being A MAN and to not get emotional over feelings. Hah. I sense bitterness.

Anyway, yeah I write because that's what I feel, just like this entry. Only difference is, it's in a poem mood. If people feels good, or sad, or feel anything for that matter, I would feel good myself. Means, they are humans and in some ways, when it touches other people, you feel like you made their day or you have some similarities. It's like you walked down the same path before.

Oh shit suddenly I feel like writing a stupid stuff. Wait give me 10 minutes.


I'm sick an tired of writing
I don't feel the joy anymore
It's like knocking on a door
But nobody is really hearing

Maybe I'm just a stubborn guy
I won't stop going for what's mine
Now I think I'm 'The Blind'
I can't tell between truth and lie

Maybe I should just stop altogether
What the hell nobody give a damn
I should just shut the fuck up and say,
"Kid, grow up and buck it up!"

And what's wrong with this whole rhyming bullshits?
A geek trying too hard to be cool kid?
Who are you trying to fool?
"Loser, get lost and go back to school!"

Now I feel so sleepy
I had a long tiring life journey
But tomorrow's a new day
As usual, come what may.

(No title)

It's true.


I don't know if I should take a nap or just stay awake.

Dem yuh!

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