Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marché (pronounced Mar-Shay)

*truut truut*


"Hey man, you wanna help me out today with the launching of Marché's new look and their Ramadhan buffet offer?"

"Free food?"

"Of course."

"Right on!"

So I helped my colleague Deep Gill a.k.a Thirsty Blogger with the event. I'll let the pictures run with a little bit of words.

Same name

Same cow, different body paint

The reason I got free food

Thirsty Blogger a.k.a the bouncer


Buka puasa with this. Pure.

Some of their unique sections:

These flags represent the 26 cantons of Switzerland, the member states of the federal states of Switzerland.

Around 8-ish, I was done with my work. Eating time!

Creepy crepé

Fresh-made pizzazzzzzz

Too many things to choose from

Delicious Swiss rosti

"My momma told me, son that ain't right, no now that ain't right"

Done with everything around 9.30pm. I was really full. Crazy stuff. You guys can go check it out during this Ramadhan buffet. All you can eat for RM45++ only (that makes around RM52) for adult and RM20++ for kids (around RM24) but you have to pay for drinks. Buffet price for food only. Nonetheless, I think it's worth it considering they make fresh-cook meal and it's cheaper than many other places.

For more info, log on to Marché Movenpick Restaurant Malaysia

My passport to indulgence

Dem yuh!

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